German Shorthaired Pointers
We  are expecting puppies soon!

Puppies prices are $1000 and come with AKC papers, vaccines, dewormings and health record.

We are happy to send you an announcement when the pups are available. Send us an e-mail, and let us now what color and sex you are looking for!
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Puppies are born white and start to grow in their ticking at 3 weeks of age. We have pups born in different colors. Here is a Black Roan colored pup and a Liver and Ticked colored pup.
This pup is Liver Roan colored.  The roan ticking will become darker as she grows, you can already see it growing darker on her feet and front legs.
This girl pup is colored Liver and Ticked with very light ticking.
All our dogs perform needed jobs on our farm, from guardian duties to tracking and finding lost and stray birds.

Grandpa dogs "Chester" and "Kratos" are retired now but still enjoy taking it easy and keeping a watchful eye on the farm yard!